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Air Travel with Your ESA for Free

How to fly with your pet free?

Federal Law makes it possible for air travel with your dog, cat, or other comfort animal in the cabin, and for free if you qualify for an ESA Flight Letter. The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) allows a person with diagnosed mental disability and in possession of an emotional support animal letter from a licensed mental health professional be allowed to travel in the cabin with the animal, and fee free.

Take the 2 minute ESA Quiz to see if you qualify and stop paying flying pet fees today.

Emotional Support Animal Flight Letter

All ESA letters are not equal, and not all airlines solely accept the therapist signed letter as proof enough your pet is your Emotional Support Animal, and that's why it is import to choose the right service to write you a legal, and valid ESA letter for your pet travel.

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ESA Flight Letter + Assessment and Registration.

MyPetCerts Emotional Support Animal (E.S.A.) Flight Letter + Assessment and Registration to our National ESA Database. Fly with your ESA in the cabin with you, and avoid paying pet deposits with an endorsed ESA flight letter by a licensed mental health professional.

Air Carrier Access Act

Federal Law under The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) recognizes that those suffering from certain types of psychological or emotional issues should be allowed to have their ESA’s with them while they fly.

Alongside the ACAA, The Department of Transportation (DOT) rules prohibit discrimination of persons with mental, or emotional disabilities whom travel by air. The Air Carrier Act states airliners must make reasonable accommodations for those traveling with ESA's.

In general, having the correct documentation, e.g.( letter by a mental health professional, and/or an airline specific form ) will allow you to be accompanied by your Emotioanl Support Animal on the flight without paying any additional pet fees to board them.

Non ESA letter costs for pet on plane

Did you also know flying with your pet on airlines such as Southwest, United, JetBlue, and many Other Airlines can charge you for each segment of your flight for your pet?

Airline Cabin fee, by segment
Alaska Airlines $100
Allegiant Air $100
American Airlines $125
Delta Airlines $125
Frontier Airlines $75
JetBlue Airlines $100
Southwest Airlines $95
Spirit Airlines $110
United Airlines $125
Us Airwars $125
Virgin America $100

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