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Renewals and Re-Assessments

Federal law requires your Emotional Support Animal letter to be renewed every year. This means that airlines and landlords will not accept your ESA letter if its' issue date is more than one year old.

If you do not renew your expired or expiring Emotional Support Animal letter you are at risk of losing your ESA benefits for housing.

Take a look at what ESA benefits you could be losing if your ESA letter is expired or expiring.

ESA Housing Benefits

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  • Endorsed ESA Housing Letter
  • Live in No Pet Housing
  • No More Pet Deposits
  • National ESA Database Registry
  • Instant Downloadable Copy
  • 24/7 Online ESA Letter Verification

Renewing Your Expired or Expiring ESA Letter is Easy & Fast.

Emotional Support Animal ESA qualify

Step 1

Choose Renewal Options

Click the renew button next to your letter you want to renew and we will submit your orignal assessment for review.

Emotional Support Animal ESA review

Step 2

Same Day Review

The licensed therapist will review your assessment and if approved will write you your Emotional Support Animal letter for you immediately.

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Get your ESA Letter

Instantly download your signed Emotional Support Animal letter from your profile page.

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